About Ceez

ceez the worldA Lot Like No One” is the name of the first EP Ceez appeared on as a member of Manifest Destiny, and the mantra still holds true a decade later. Coming up in Brick City Ceez brings the images of Newark, New Jersey’s underbelly live in 3D. with creative punch lines and distinct rhyme cadences that weave around the beat like a Golden Glover shadowboxing. It’s the realism within the lyrics that make for a captivating listening experience. Ceez brings you into his world fearlessly. Living on both sides of the fence, he explores the dichotomy of right and wrong through candid tales of heartfelt victory and devastating personal tragedy. With backdrops of raw boom bap offerings from pounding drums, colorful piano chords and epic string arrangements, the messages hit hard and leave a lasting impression. With a multitude of upcoming projects including a potential full length with luminary late 90s producer and fellow Jersey representative K-Def. Along with an extensive catalog of countless show openings that yielded their very own Mayor sanctioned “Manifest Destiny Day” in Newark, NJ. Sky’s the limit for Ceez. But like Tony once said, “I think it’s the world that Ceez wants. Ceize the World!” Doesn’t it have a ring to it?