Music Discography of Cesar Augusto Rosado aka Ceez; a Puerto Rican rapper who has had a dynamic career spanning over 20 years…

ceize the world

2017 Ceez: Ceize The World


ceez: dat mc (mothaph222a) ceez vol II

2014 Ceez: Dat MC (Mothaph222a Ceez) Vol II


ceez: rollin ep

2013 Ceez: Rollin EP


ceez: dat mc (mothaph222a ceez) vol I

2012 Ceez: Dat MC (Mothaph222a Ceez) Vol I


evil empire- meet da evils

2004 Evil Empire: Meet Da Evils


manifest destiny- hunger pains

2002 Manifest Desiny: Hunger Pains


manifest destiny discography- a lot like no one

2000 Manifest Destiny: A Lot Like No One

“I use to DJ. I started out in the ’90s, had some Technics and I’d do all the parties around the way,” Ceez says of his early days in Newark. “In high school everyone in the hood would use halls to have parties and that’s where we started rhyming.”