New Jersey rapper launches solo career with new album ‘Ceize The World

His new album is a testament to that statement. It’s called “Ceize the World,” and it’s his first solo album after releasing his first solo EP “Rollin” in July 2015. He’s been releasing music steadily since he connected with K-Def. The fellow Jersey representative and legend made a name for himself in the late 1990s by producing such hip-hop anthems as “Chief Rocka,” “Funky Child,” and “Real Live Sh*t.” “The name of the album and the whole theme of it is really about grasping any opportunity you have,” he said. “Seize your opportunities because you may not get it again. Time is limited, so don’t waste it because you can’t get that time back. People don’t realize how precious that is. My album shows a hard reality that’s also inspirational and full of hope, but in a way that’s very life-like. Each track is taken directly from my life. Nothing is made up.”

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Ceez- Ceize The World

01- Ceize the World
02- Take from Me
03- Better Re-Alignment
04- Hip Hop 101
05- Not Original
06- Got Dat Loud
07- Sincerely Yours
08- Smokin’ on Dat Dub Step
09- Dear Karma
10- About My Life
11- Freak It
12- Get Hi Musik
13- Da Spicable Me
14- Drop It Low
15- 6 Man Moshpit