ceize the world

Ceize The World

New Jersey rapper launches solo career with new album ‘Ceize The World

His new album is a testament to that statement. It’s called “Ceize the World,” and it’s his first solo album after releasing his first solo EP “Rollin” in July 2015. He’s been releasing music steadily since he connected with K-Def. The fellow Jersey representative and legend made a name for himself in the late 1990s by producing such hip-hop anthems as “Chief Rocka,” “Funky Child,” and “Real Live Sh*t.” “The name of the album and the whole theme of it is really about grasping any opportunity you have,” he said. “Seize your opportunities because you may not get it again. Time is limited, so don’t waste it because you can’t get that time back. People don’t realize how precious that is. My album shows a hard reality that’s also inspirational and full of hope, but in a way that’s very life-like. Each track is taken directly from my life. Nothing is made up.”

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Ceez- Ceize The World

01- Ceize the World
02- Take from Me
03- Better Re-Alignment
04- Hip Hop 101
05- Not Original
06- Got Dat Loud
07- Sincerely Yours
08- Smokin’ on Dat Dub Step
09- Dear Karma
10- About My Life
11- Freak It
12- Get Hi Musik
13- Da Spicable Me
14- Drop It Low
15- 6 Man Moshpit

ceez: dat mc (mothaph222a) ceez vol II mixtape

Here is Volume II of Ceez’s mixtape series Dat MC (Mothaph222a Ceez). This mixtape similar to Volume I boasts production from the legendary K-Def as well as features from K-Sise and junclassic. Also offering tracks to this project are DJ 730, Abuse of Manifest Destiny, and DJ Husky. This is Hip Hop at its finest! This doesn’t sound like everything else you are hearing today. If you’re tired of hearing the same style from every rapper, download this. It will renew your belief in Good Hip Hop Music!!!


Ceez- Dat MC (Mothaph222a Ceez) Vol II

01 – Can’t Fall produced by K-Def
02 – Can’t Go Down produced by K-Def
03 – Heaven Help Us produced by K-Def
04 – Reason produced by K-Def
05 – NJ Dodger produced by K-Def
06 – Wish Me Well produced by K-Def
07 – Thro It Up produced by K-Def
08 – Killin Em’ produced by K-Def
09 – The Preview produced by 730, Mixed by K-Def feat junclassic and K-Sise
10 – Setbacks Remix junclassic feat Ceez produced by IV
11 – My Mind Keeps Me Safe produced by Abuse featuring K-Sise
12 – Stuck on You Freestyle produced by Alchemist
13 – My Bartender produced by Husky
14 – Fuck Ur Money Freestyle

ceez: rollin ep

Rollin EP

Claiming that the MC initials stand for “Mothaphucka Ceez,” rapper Ceez broke out of Newark, New Jersey as part of the Manifest Destiny crew. Born Cesar Rosado, Ceez was in his teens when he joined rapper E-Mid and Intellect in Manifest Destiny. In 2011 he dropped the solo cut “You Can Call Me Cesar” with K-Def as his guest, while 2012 saw him go it alone with the single “Get Ur Weight Up.” “Movin’ On” followed a year later, then in 2015, all these singles were compiled on this EP.

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Ceez- RolliN EP

01- Title Track
02- Movin On
03- Supastar featuring Joe Flame
04- Get Ur Weight Up
05- Jerzee Bounce

ceez: dat mc (mothaph222a ceez) vol I

Dat MC (Mothaph222a Ceez) Vol I

Ceez’s debut solo mixtape boasting production from Hip Hop Legends K-Def and Ski Beatz as well as DJ Static. Featured MC’s blessing this mixtape are Underground Legends Craig G and Blaq Poet, as well as the up and coming Jun Classic, Monsta X, Ralph Dog, Ravage, & Nut Nillz. Every track is hard!!! Free mixtapes and mp3 songs available for download are provided as is and for promotional purposes only.

“His current mixtapestays true to his sound and what his definition of real hip hop is.” – That Music Magazine


Ceez- Dat MC (Mothaph222a Ceez) Vol I

01- You Can Call Me Cesar produced by K-Def
02- I Ain’t Scared featuring Nut Nillz produced by Ski Beatz
03- Ceez’s World produced by K-Def
04- The Way heathens Do featuring Hicoup produced by DJ Static
05- Risk It All produced by K-Def
06- Get Ur Weight Up produced by Ski Beatz
07- Go 4 Broke featuring Ralph Dog, Blaq Poet, Craig G
08- Jerzee Bounce produced by K-Def
09- Renaissance Freestyle featuring Monsta X, Ravage, Jun Classic
10- You’ll Get Hurt produced by K-Def
11- Don’t Sleep produced by K-Def
12- Everything Is Wak produced by K-Def